Lip Enlargement

Face: Lip Enlargement


Why would I consider Lip Enlargement?

Lip enlargement, or lip augumentation, is undertaken to:

  • increase the overall size of lips
  • alter the shape
  • fill the lips to reduce lines

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Who Benefits?

Both younger and older patients benefit from lip enlargement.

Younger patients tend to request lip augmentation to provide an overall increase in size or change in shape to the lip area.

Older patients tend to request lip augmentation to reduce the effects of aging on the lip area, such as lipstick bleed. As the amount of tissue in the lip decreases and the elasticity in the skin also reduces; cracks and vertical lines become apparent in this region, causing lipstick bleed.

How is it done?

There are both non-surgical and surgical methods of lip augmentation. The method used determines whether the results will be of shorter-term or longer-term longevity:

  • Dermal fillers: non-surgical injections
  • Fat Transfer: Surgical
  • Dermal Grafts: Surgical


Methods of lip augmentation?


Dermal Fillers – Non-Surgical Injections – Lip augmentation can be done in our office using non-surgical injections to the lips with a dermal filler – we typically use a hyaluronic acid product. This treatment is of shorter term longevity than the surgical options.

Surgical options are longer-term solutions:

  • Fat Transfer – An operation where fat is harvested from one part of the body and injected into another. This is not the same as liposuction, as the fat needs to be harvested and treated in a special way to maximise its survival in the new site.
  • Dermal Grafts – The process by which deep lines can be reduced or lips can be enlarged using elements of your own skin. In a dermal graft an area of skin is utilised with the outer layer of the skin being removed. The two layers of the skin are the epidermis and the dermis. It is the epidermis that is removed, leaving the dermis to be used as a dermal graft. The dermis is almost pure collagen. The dermal graft is then cut into 1 to 2mm strips. This can then be threaded under deep lines such as the nasolabial fold, or into areas such as the lips to augment them.



What can I expect?

Dermal Fillers – Non-Surgical Injections – Office based lip enlargement is logistically similar to a dental visit, but there is no drill :-).

After the local anaesthetic block the procedure is undertaken, taking less than 30 minutes. Results are immediate.

With fat injection and dermal grafts to the lips, you are typically admitted on the day of surgery fasted from the night before or 8 hours prior. A light general anaesthetic is typically used and the surgery is day surgery.

  • Fat Transfer – The procedure is either performed under a general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation. Only 30-50% of the fat injected actually survives and hence a significant over correction needs to be performed – resulting in significant swelling for several weeks after the procedure whilst the fat that has not survived is absorbed by the body. The 30- 50% of fat that does survive is considered to be long term.
  • Dermal Grafts – This is often undertaken at the same time as facelift surgery, and the “off cuts" from around the ear are used as the source of the dermal grafts.



How long does it take to recover?

Office based injection does not have a recovery time as such other than, slight redness and swelling overnight.

Recovery time is in the order of a week for dermal grafts, and fat injection is associated with swelling for approximately 2-3 weeks due to the need for initial over correction.

What complications can occur?

Although every endeavour is made to avoid complications, sometimes they do occur and it does not necessarily imply an error has occurred. Complications do not necessarily imply an error has occurred, they can be related to the anaesthetic or the surgery.

Non-Surgical – With office-based injection, significant complications are rare. Bruising can occur. An allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid based products is possible, but rare.

Surgical – Surgical solutions carry the risk of any operation, but specific complications include the development of small cysts with dermal grafts, and initial swelling with fat grafts.

Although this list indicates some examples of complications, surgery should not be undertaken until this has been discussed fully with the surgeon.

What other procedures are often performed at the same time?

Dermal Grafts are often undertaken in combination with facelift procedures as problems of facial aging and lip loss of volume occur within the same age range.

The two sets procedures are complementary, as the source of the dermal grafts can be areas of skin removed as part of the facelift.

What does it cost and will private insurance help?

For Prices regarding Non Surgical Lip Enlargement please contact our office.

A cost guide can be requested from my office on 9228 2188 (+61 8 9228 2188).

Alternatively, we can be emailed at

Where can I get more information?

If you have specific questions, or wish more information on specific procedures, please contact our office for a complimentary appointment with my nurse / patient liaison officer.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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