Flying After Breast Augmentation

If you travel within the first month after a breast augmentation, you must be very careful and work out a flight plan with your breast surgeon. Play it safe and stay at home or in the surgeon’s office to make follow-up appointments. If you travel within one month of the breast augmentation and need a flight to a hospital where you cannot fully heal, or you need an emergency room visit or hospitalization for medical intervention, other medical treatment or check out breast implant Perth for more info.

Flying After Breast Augmentation

If you are wearing a swimsuit on holiday, ask your doctor when you can stop wearing your post-operative bra and when you can’t. 

There is no medical reason why you shouldn’t travel with your breasts in a swimsuit, provided you do well. Most surgeons would prefer you not to lift heavy weights, which prevents you from lifting your bag, but there are some exceptions. 

The frequently asked questions about breast implants and air travel can calm you down. Before you try anything, talk to your doctor, as opinions vary and each patient has a different body. The requirements vary, and the instructions do not apply to all treatments but do talk to your doctors before trying anything because the opinions and requirements of each patient body are different, according to the Australian College of Surgeons. 

Flying after breast augmentation

Once you have fully recovered from surgery, you can do anything you have ever done, including a flight. However, most doctors advise to wait between two days and two weeks to ensure that your body heals normally and no infections or complications occur. Wait, the absolute minimum before boarding the plane and wait 24 hours after the operation until you are fully healed and rested for another 24 days. If you do not experience any unexpected complications during the flight, wait as long as possible. 

Can you fly after breast augmentation?

Flying can be an emotional and physical burden, so you should keep yourself as relaxed as possible during your recovery and before flying. 

After a week, your breasts will probably still be swollen, sore and healed, and you will need to go to follow-up appointments with your surgeon. We recommend that you refrain from flying for at least a few weeks after the operation. If you are free to travel in the air, take a short walk every day to stimulate blood flow and prevent blood clotting. 

You should not lift anything heavy, nor luggage until the body had time to heal and you and the body had to behave after healing. 

Most patients want to know how quickly they can become active again after a breast augmentation. It can take 6-12 weeks for the breast to reach its final position, and then another 6-12 months for it to heal. 

CosmedicWest - Flying After Breast Augmentation

Travelling for breast augmentation

If you are planning a trip anywhere in Australia shortly after the surgery, it is important to discuss your travel plans with Dr. Mark Duncan-Smith during the consultation. Travelling after a breast augmentation can be absolutely safe if you follow their advice, but travelling after the surgery itself can cause complications. 

A general guideline for travel would be to follow your first post-operative examination and postpone the trip until you have at least a week to heal your body. 

If you plan to travel soon after breast enlargement, it is important to understand the limits that a breast enlargement creates in your body. If you need to fly home after the operation, you will need to consult your surgeon. Every human body is different, and only your doctor can make an informed decision about whether or not to fly. Visit for more info. 

Even after a two-week rest period, there are some things to consider before travelling. Ask your doctor and keep yourself and your wife safe before moving and even go to a doctor at your local hospital or doctor. 

You should expect to be unemployed for at least three weeks after the first stage of breast rehabilitation. You should refrain from anything heavier than 5-10 pounds, and you should not have to lift more than 10 pounds. During the three-week trial. If carrying a heavy suitcase is not feasible, you do not have to lift anything heavy between 5 and 10 pounds in the first week after returning to work. 

Dr Duncan-Smith advises against flying after surgery that requires a general anaesthetic, such as breast augmentation or breast cancer surgery. 

Driving is allowed, but stop half an hour before the trip for five minutes on foot and stop for a drink or two on the way back. 

Long haul flight after breast augmentation

Breast implant travel should not be done without the consent of your plastic surgeon. It is safe to travel a short distance or a week after breast implant surgery, as long as your health and healing rate is stable. Make sure you share this information with plastic surgeons when you return from surgery in another state or country. 

If you are travelling for surgery, CosMedicWest must keep you in the city of your choice after the surgery or five days after the procedure. However, most plastic surgeons encourage their patients to wait at least two weeks after the trip and only travel for a short period of time, for example for a week or two. 

How soon can you fly after breast augmentation surgery?

Because right after surgery, there is a tiny amount of air in the pockets and the air will spread at high altitudes, we suggest no flying for 10 days after surgery.

Can I go on vacation after breast augmentation?

Travelling will be completely healthy after breast augmentation if you follow the advice of Dr. Duncan-Smith. Following the first post-operative test, a general guideline for travel will be around a week after the surgery.

Can high altitude affect breast implants?

Breast implants are not affected by high pressure or altitude.

Is it normal to feel air bubbles after augmentation?

It’s quite natural. Around the implant, there is air or fluid.

Do and don’ts after breast surgery?

  1. Rest as soon as possible right after surgery and don’t work out.
  2. Don’t jump back into the workout regimen after 1 week. Start gently with light activity around the house or yard, such as simple chores.
  3. Week 2- For 6 weeks, you can skip upper body exercise.

When can I sleep without a bra after breast augmentation?

After six weeks, patients are free to wear a bra at night if they desire. Many patients who have selected large implants prefer a bra for comfort.

Can I travel 2 weeks after breast augmentation?

You should still put off flying until after you have had at least a week for your body to recover, no matter your mode of travel. It is advised, though that you wait two weeks prior to flying. When you have to go out after surgery to return home, you need to consult the surgeon.

Can I take my surgical bra off for a few hours?

It is normally perfect to take a break from the surgical bra for a few hours for our routine breast augmentation patients, as long as during this period you limit the operation to a minimum. Review his or her protocol with the plastic surgeon.

How tight should my post-surgery bra be?

The perfect fit should be snug but not restrictive for a post-surgery bra. The best indication that your bra suits properly is that it’s comfortable, and this is not excessive or unpleasant, while you can feel some discomfort. Signs if the bra is too tight include: leaving lines on the skin on the bands or sides.

How long does the tightness last after breast augmentation?

About week 2, you’ll notice a big shift in tightness. Implants tend to settle around week 3 in most patients and can take up to 3 months to settle into their final place.

How long before breast implants look normal?

Generally speaking, most patients are completely cleared after two months to continue all daily activities. It is important to carefully follow the treatment orders of your doctor so that the implants recover correctly and there are no complications.

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