Burns surgeon returns to Bali

One of the pioneering burns surgeons who treated victims of the Bali bombings will go to the island this weekend to help doctors there continue the rehabilitation of people injured in the October 2002 attacks.

Along with Dr Fiona Wood, Cosmetic Surgeon Perth Mark Duncan-Smith operated on 28 patients from around the world in the aftermath of the bombings at Kuta, which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

On Sunday, Dr Duncan-Smith will travel to Indonesia to share with colleagues there how the Perth burns unit responded to the Bali bombing, and an overview of their general approach to burns.

Dr Duncan-Smith goes to Indonesia at the invitation of the Sangla Hospital, and hopes the Perth-based burns team can help their contemporaries.

“My aim is to evaluate what, if any, further assistance the team at Royal Perth Hospital Burn Unit can be to the Indonesian people," Dr Duncan Smith said.

While reviewing the Indonesian burns patients, Dr Duncan-Smith will also review two who were sent to RPH for treatment in the days after the attack.

He operated on both patients while they were in Perth. Both had sustained facial burns.

Dr Duncan-Smith will lecture to staff at Sangla Hospital’s new burns unit, and also intends to develop academic relations with other burn units in the region.

Original Source: https://www.smh.com.au/national/burns-surgeon-returns-to-bali-20040313-gdij8y.html

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