Breast Augmentation After Baby

The mastopexia procedure removes excess skin from your breasts and improves your breast shape. We recommend it to wait until you have breastfed your baby until the end and with breast implants so that the results are natural and long-lasting. You can choose a larger implant after breastfeeding that fits better in the breast, but you can restore your body before the baby with a breast implant. If you need to behave yourself with breast lifts or Breast implant Perth, you can do it yourself. 

Many women have breast augmentation before they have a baby, or after they have finished having children. If you are thinking of having more children, you might be better off postponing breast surgery until you have finished your family to avoid unnecessary surgery. 

Breast Augmentation After Baby - Cosmetic Surgery

It is common for many Australia women to get breast implants before becoming mothers and then have a healthy pregnancy and successfully breastfeed their children. Although the size and shape of the breasts are improved, there is no need to change the appearance of your breasts and therefore the implants if you have had a previous breast augmentation. It is a recognised fact that breasts are altered after women become mothers, but for some women, this applies to all women. 

Post-baby breast augmentation

Keep on until you reach 6 months postpartum, or maybe later, to determine the status of your breast implants if you really care about them. It would be preferable for you to wait until surgery after childbirth if you’re a female who does not have breast implants and wants to get pregnant in the short term.

Breast implants can help restore the volume lost because of hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation. You don’t have to live forever with a bare look and be unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, especially if you’ve behaved with your child. 

Does having breast implants affect pregnancy?

Certain women had no adverse consequences with breast implants during their pregnancy, so there could be no excuse for the treatment to be postponed. Breast rise increases the attractiveness of breasts and can establish self-assurance and healthy self-image during breastfeeding.

That is why it is so important to rethink your plans and communicate your wishes clearly to Dr Duncan-Smith before breast augmentation or implant surgery. To learn more or make a first surgical appointment with Dr Mark Duncan-Smith, please contact their office at (08) 9228 2188. 

If you are thinking about breast augmentation and are planning to have a child in the second year, is it sensible to delay the procurement of an implant? If you get a breast implant after having children in the middle of family planning, do you know you may experience sagging breasts because of natural changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy and lactation? What else do I need to know: If I get implants after the birth of a child, why not? 

Many women change their breasts during pregnancy and lactation, and this can lead to sagging, as their breasts change shape between pregnancy and lactation. 

It is important to know that breast implants do not affect a mother’s ability to breastfeed a baby. This is a common misconception and is often raised by women during consultations with surgeons. If you want to have bigger breasts now, you can, and the surgery can be designed in such a way that it is very safe to breastfeed afterwards. Breast implants can cause complications when breastfeeding, but also breast cancer and other breast diseases. 

Is it better to have breast implants before or after pregnancy?

Wait before you reach 6 months postpartum, or much later if you are already pregnant, to determine the condition of your breast implants. If you are a woman who does not have breast implants and is trying to get pregnant sometime soon, then it will be better to wait until after childbirth to have surgery.

Breast Augmentation Perth - Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation pregnancy

While some women are interested in breast implants after pregnancy, others prefer to become pregnant before they have breast implants. Pregnancy is completely possible after breast augmentation and does not change the shape of the breasts in certain instances.

Please understand that your breasts will change and possibly change again when you have a child, which may require additional surgery to achieve the desired breast shape and appearance until you reach it. 

The combination of breast augmentation and breast lift is an ideal option for patients during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. Waiting until you have had a baby after the initial enlargement is a reasonable option, although you may need breast tightening depending on how your breasts have changed during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, as well as your age and gender. 

To increase the size of your breasts, we insert breast implants through a targeted incision, which helps them become perky and firmer. This is because the breasts lose a lot of volume during breastfeeding and the loss of breast tissue during pregnancy and lactation. 

This procedure can reduce the need for larger implants to achieve optimal cosmetic results. Breast augmentation is a great option for women who want to increase their breast size or correct the volume loss that can occur in the breast after pregnancy. While some expectant mothers want the procedure to be scheduled, others say they will have to wait until they can undergo the surgery after giving birth. 

Here we discuss everything you need to know about the timetable for breast enlargements after pregnancy, and the pros and cons of any cosmetic clinic Perth

Young women and first-time mothers are generally very satisfied with the appearance of their enlarged breasts for the first time after pregnancy. Some women find that their enlarged breasts look very natural and even more beautiful after pregnancy, and young women, especially those with enlarged saggy breasts, love their enlarged breasts. If you are unhappy with your appearance or enlarged breast during pregnancy, a breast lift can help restore your appearance before pregnancy. 

The FDA also notes that studies do not appear to show a link between breast augmentation and the number of children of mothers who have had breast augmentations. However, the FDA notes that the use of breast implants to treat postpartum depression and anxiety is becoming increasingly popular. 

Postpartum breast augmentation

Wait for 6 months after the implants, or much later after they are already breastfeeding, for an idiot. If you are a woman who has no breast implants and needs to get birthed soon, it is better to wait for surgery after birth.

How do I choose a good plastic surgeon?

  • If you search for these minimum requirements, finding a skilled plastic surgeon will be easier:
  • Check for plastic surgery board certification.
  • Research and approach the surgeon’s style.
  • Vet the installation.
  • Find someone you trust. Find someone you trust.
  • Look for integrity. Look for honesty.

Do and don’ts after breast surgery?

  1. Rest as much as possible after surgery and do not exercise.
  2. After 1 week – don’t hurry back into your work. Start with light exercises like a small house or garden tasks slowly.
  3. Week 2 – 6 weeks of upper bodywork should be avoided.

A breast lift and augmentation after pregnancy

You are an ideal candidate for a breast lift or even a breast boost if the upper part of the breasts are missing because of post-pregnancy changes. Both operations will enhance the fullness of the breasts, their projecting and their percussion and enhance the overall balance.


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