Top 5 Reasons – Why Women Choose A Breast Augmentation

It is not a taboo subject anymore, as breast implants soared to become a popular cosmetic procedure that helps women get their confidence back.

Breast Augmentations are among the primary reasons why women seek out cosmetic surgeons.

Why Women Chose Breast Augmentations

  • To improve self-confidence
    Larger and fuller breasts make a woman feel more feminine, attractive, and self-assured. It does wonders to women’s self-esteem as breasts help highlight the overall female figure.
  • Result of weight loss
    Women who lost weight and bodyfat would find their breasts are not as plump and sizable as they used to be. Breasts implants are added underneath the skin to help hold the shape and make it look fuller.
  • Uneven shape of one breast
    It may be a result of puberty or genetics, but whatever the physical reason may be, a breast augmentation can make the size of each breast match the other.
  • For post-pregnancy
    Women who breastfeed can often report that their breasts are getting smaller and begin to sag. Breast implants can bring back the pre-pregnancy shape of your breasts.
  • Post-mastectomy measure
    Breast cancer is a disease that leaves women no choice but to have a mastectomy to survive. Breast augmentation Perth is also a reconstructive procedure that can bring back the feeling of wholeness and dignity.

How Do Breast Augmentations Work?

Breast augmentation is a medical procedure that uses implants to enhance the size and shape of the breast. The implants can be made of saline or silicone that contribute to the overall feel and shape of the breast.

The implants are either placed inside or outside the pectoral muscles. Your surgeon first listens to the desires and goals that you have and carefully plans the surgery to produce the best result.

At CosMedicWest, our surgeon makes it a primary goal to help you as a patient to achieve the most natural-looking breasts.


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