Upper Eyelid Reduction

Why would I consider upper eyelid reduction?

Upper eyelid reduction is an operation to decrease the excess skin and fat of the upper eyelid. This creates definition of the upper eyelid, corresponding to a more youthful and attractive appearance.

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Who benefits?

You would consider this procedure if you feel that you see a person older and more tired than the person you feel on the inside when you look in the mirror.

Most patients complain of fullness in the upper eyelid that gives them an older or tired appearance.

You may also have functional problems due to severe heaviness of the upper eyelids, ie you feel like you have a hat on all the time, or you have difficulty looking upwards, or you feel like you are under a veranda all the time.

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How is it done?

The operation is performed under local or general anaesthetic and is typically performed as day surgery.

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What can I expect?

You are typically admitted on the day of surgery fasted from the night before.

Cold packs are often applied immediately following the surgery and sleeping on 2 pillows helps to reduce swelling.

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How long does it take to recover?

Recovery time is in the order of a number of days, to a week, for all bruising to subside.

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What complications can occur?

Although every endeavour is made to avoid complications, sometimes they do occur. Complications do not necessarily imply an error has occurred, they can be related to the anaesthetic or the surgery and are not common.

Surgery should not be undertaken until all issues have been discussed fully with the surgeon.

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What other procedures are often performed at the same time?

One of my aims in surgery is to keep your face balanced. Although most patients point out other areas of concern, sometimes I will suggest another area may need attention to maintain balance.

Tightening of the outside corner of the eye is sometimes needed (lateral canthopexy) if the lower eyelid is lax. This can avoid problems of the pulled down look or functional problems (ectropion).

Fullness of the upper eyelid can be due to low position of the eyebrow, which is more appropriately treated with a brow-lift procedure or brow-lift and upper eyelid reduction in combination.

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What does it cost and will private insurance help?

Exact costing is highly variable depending on your history and circumstances, the hospital used and specifics of the procedure.

Some private health insurance companies in Australia will assist with bed and theatre fees even on purely cosmetic procedures.

If a procedure can be given an item number then rebates may apply.

A cost guide can be requested from my office on +61 8 9485 1333, some of the individual cost factors can be estimated with more information. Alternatively, we can be emailed at info@cosmetic-surgery.com.au

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Where can I get more information?

If you have specific questions, or wish more information on specific procedures, please don"t hesitate to contact my office for a complimentary appointment with my nurse / patient liaison officer.

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Clinical Photographs

Upper eyelid reduction

Pre-operative Upper Eyelid Reduction Post-operative Upper Eyelid Reduction

Pre-operative and Post-operative