Face and Neck Lift

Why would I consider a face and neck lift?

Face and neck-lift operations are used to correct the effects of gravity and tissue aging - commonly seen in the descent of the tissues of the face and nec, which are repositioned with this type of surgery.
Face and neck-lift surgery specifically helps with fullness in the cheek, the nasolabial fold, jowls of the line of the jaw and the 'turkey gobbler' deformity of the front of the neck.
There are numerous names and types of facelift. To simplify them, I find it easiest to consider the:

If there are problems in all areas, then a full facelift is required.
If the problem is only in the neck, then just a neck lift is indicated.
If the problem is only the jowls along the jaw line then a mini-facelift may be indicated. The mini-facelift is a move towards less invasive surgery and can carry terms such as letters of the alphabet, surgeon's names, Greek letters etc. Generally they are variants of a common theme. It should always be kept in mind that the result of a mini-facelift will not be as marked as a full facelift - some would also suggest not as long lasting.

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Who benefits?

People who present to me often say that when they look in the mirror, they see a person older and more tired than the person they feel on the inside.
Others specifically say for example that they do not like the jowls, crepe-iness of the neck or the turkey gobbler, in extreme cases.

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How is it done?

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and is either performed as day surgery or as short stay surgery.

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How long does a face lift last?

People often ask how long a facelift lasts. Generally speaking, a face-lift should take years, to decades, off your appearance. It should be noted that the process of facial aging is relentless - accordingly, in ten years the your appearance may be similar to when the surgery was undertaken. However, you would then still continue to appear younger than you otherwise would if you had not had the surgery. Please note that this is a general guide and each patient's results are, of course, individual.

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What can I expect?

You are typically admitted on the day of surgery fasted from the night before. Some facelifts can be done as day surgery, even full facelifts typically go home after resting overnight.

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How long does it take to recover?

Recovery time following a facelift is in the order of several days to weeks. Generally, the less extensive the surgery, the shorter the recovery. Following a full facelift, some bruising may be present 1 to 2 weeks following the procedure.

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What complications can occur?

Although every endeavour is made to avoid complications, sometimes they do occur and it does not necessarily imply an error has occured.

Complications can be related to the anaesthetic or the surgery. Surgical complications can include examples such as bleeding and bruising, swelling, infection, wound break-down, delayed healing and seroma. Both sensory and motor nerves are in the area and in theory can be injured.

The risk of complications is much greater in smokers, but some alterations in technique can reduce this risk.

Although this list indicates some examples of complications, surgery should not be undertaken until this has been discussed fully with the surgeon.

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What other procedures are often performed at the same time?

One of my aims in surgery is to keep your face balanced. Although most patients point out other areas of concern, sometimes I will suggest another area may need attention to maintain balance. Procedures such as eyelid surgery (lower or upper), brow lift and lip enlargement are often also performed simultaneously.

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What does it cost and will private insurance help?

Exact costing is highly variable depending on your history and circumstances, the hospital used and specifics of the procedure.

Some private health insurance companies in Australia will assist with bed and theatre fees even on purely cosmetic procedures.

If a procedure can be given an item number then rebates may apply.

A cost guide can be requested from my office on +61 8 9485 1333, some of the individual cost factors can be estimated with more information. Alternatively, we can be emailed at info@cosmetic-surgery.com.au

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Where can I get more information?

If you have specific questions, or wish more information on specific procedures, please don"t hesitate to contact my office for a complimentary appointment with my nurse / patient liaison officer.

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Clinical Photographs

Mini Face Lift with Cheek Implants

Pre-operative Mini Facelift with Cheek Implants Post-operative Mini Facelift with Cheek Implants

Pre-operative and Post-operative